Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Preparing for Mists of Pandaria

Hey guys,

I'm really not a blogger I guess you recognized that fact already. I can't tell something "new" and my "special ways of gold making" are just a small income so it doesn't make sense to write something about this (?)

If I can't write guides, I'll write what I'm doing right now instead.

>>Preparing for MoP<<

This means to me:

- I craft at least 3 stacks of each glyph
- I buy/collect as many herbs/ore/leather/enchanting mats/cloths/etc. as I can

Is there another thing I could do for a new expansion? It will be the first time that I focus the AH instead of leveling etc. And I guess my guild bank won't be enough.


Yesterday I was really addicted to the AH again..... I hate it :( it's like.. an inebriation? I can't stop. They buy my stuff (ka-ching!) and I always have to check for undercuts and if there's enough stuff and so on...  I can't log off or onto another character.

Being addicted is so stressful to me. Of course, I earn thousands of gold, but I'm not happy with that. When I log off I always think "oh nooooooooooooooooooooo, what if I get undercut?" "oh nooooooo, what if I miss cheap materials?" I can't chill. And at the end of the day I ask myself "what the hell have I been doing all this time?" ... argh.

Gold does NOT make happy! :P

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Being lazy while saving another world

Hey guys,

I know, I am soooo lazy these days. I have so many things to do: doing RBGs with my discipline priest, doing random BGs with my warlock, leveling a priest on horde side, trading, hunting achievements with my main character, being a girlfriend, doing housework AND I have to save Skyrim. ;)

The other parts will defenitely come, because this "strategy" works very well for me (also on different realms), and it's a really nice and easy income.

So I just wanted to say sorry, there are much better bloggers than me out there anyway ;) but: don't forget the Winterspring Cubs. Everyone was busy with Love is in the Air and the Elder event so I was the only one who sold them. 900 g - 1200 g/Cub and I sell many Cubs every day.

And just a personal note at the end of my post:
If you like roleplay games (And I think you do when playing WOW), you should play Skyrim, really! Graphics are great, the whole world is living (no boring respawn, dead is dead), the profession system is interesting and great, the atmosphere is like OH MY GOD and the music.... everything about this game is epic, really.
Normally I never say "this is so epic!", because everyone says that soooo often and when everything is epic, nothing is epic for me. (Like epic itmes in WOW, there are so many, they're not really epic ;)) but Skyrim IS epic! I'm totally addicted to it.

You go out, fighting against huge trolls, wolves, bandits.... you fight against f*cking DRAGONS and then you come home. You're broken, hurt, lost your companion because he saved your life and then you enter your peaceful home city, listening to this music:

Gotta go. Skyrim needs me.

Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Bracket 10 - 14 & 15 - 19 Part I: Jewelcrafting

Welcome to my first post of my little "guide" to take advantage of low level PvP.

Part I: Jewelcrafting

 Jewelcrafting is great in that way, because you're not getting rings or necks as quest rewards in low level. The materials for those can be farmed easily or are cheap on the Auction House.


Malachite Pendant
1 x Malachite
1 x Delicate Copper Wire

Thick Bronze Necklace
2 x Bronze Bar
1 x Shadowgem
1 x Delicate Copper Wire


Woven Copper Ring
2 x Delicate Copper Wire
1 x Copper Bar

Braided Copper Ring
2 x Delicate Copper Wire

Heavy Copper Ring
4 x Copper Bar
2 x Delicate Copper Wire

Tigerseye Band
1 x Tigerseye
1 x Delicate Copper Wire

Inlaid Malachite Ring
2 x Malachite
2 x Copper Bar

Solid Bronze Ring
4 x Bronze Bar

Elegant Silver Ring
1 x Silver Bar

Gloom Band
2 x Shadowgem
1 x Bronze Setting
2 x Delicate Copper Wire

Bronze Band of Force
2 x Bronze Bar
1 x Bronze Setting
3 x Malachite
3 x Tigerseye
2 x Shadowgem

The materials are very, very cheap on my main realm (everything about a few silver) and I sell them for 20 - 40 gold, every day. I guess on high populated PvP realms, there should be a great market for that.
If the materials are too expensive you can farm ore very quickly in Azshara.

Next Part:

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

How to take advantage of low lvl-PvP for Traders even when you're not interested in PvP

(and also a little guide how to pwn in low lvl PvP!)

Heya out there,

I will write a few posts about my favourite thing to do ingame (beside trading, ofc): Player versus Player.
You know, I really got into PvP when I did some battlegrounds between LVL 60 and 70 with my warlock, they were so great that I decided to level only by battlegrounds. (So I made no quest or instances from 70 to 85)
It was such a great experience that I had a new idea: leveling a character ONLY by battlegrounds, from LVL 10 to LVL 85.

I'm going to write something between a low lvl pvp guide, f.e. with BiS gear, and a guide for traders, how they can take advantage of that (especially traders on PvP realms). Because there are so many things to mention I'm going to write this guide in parts:

Bracket 10 - 14 & 15 - 19

  • Part I: Jewelcrafting
  • Part II: Leatherworking
  • Part III: Tailoring
  • Part IV: Blacksmithing
  • Part V: Enchanting
  • Part VI: Alchemy
  • Part VII: Inscription
  • Part VIII: Miscellaneous

How to use these 'guides'

As a hardcore PvP-Junky it's really hard for me to part those two topics, sometimes I catch myself at writing more about the PvP thing than about how to make gold. Sorry for that, I'll try to focus.
Nevertheless, you can use this guide for gold making AND for your PvP toon!
I hope you're looking forward to my new blog posts, maybe I can inspire you for PvP! :)

See you on EU-Draenor or twitter!

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Power Word: Guild on EU-Draenor Horde!

It's done! We all know that Flux of PW:G created a guild on US-Lightbringer for all US traders, bloggers and readers to chat about the latest gold making ideas, hints, tips and strategies.

Now we EU players have our own official <Power Word: Guild> too! On EU-Draenor, Horde side.
And I'm proud to announce that I am the guild master, but I had (and have) great support! Thanks to: Alberthus, Goblin_Aspect, SocoWow, Daimyoh, Epidermuss and KarlBingham

First we started on a very high populated server with waiting queues - unacceptable for you! 
So Albert, Daimyoh, Epi and Karl had the task to create this guild again - on another server. Now we call Draenor (Horde side) our home :)

We're leveling and chatting about our stuff we can sale, having fun, it's a really great atmosphere!

Come and join our guild! (You're playing on a US account? Click here)

  • Create a toon on EU-Draenor Horde side.
  • Whisper to Goldbrunnen, Alberthus, Milenya, Daimyou or Soco for an invite.
  • Have fun!
    •  Feel free to level your character if no one of us is online.
    • You can check our twitter pages; maybe we're fighting in the AH wars on our main servers.

We offer you a place to chat about gold making, wether if you're a beginner or not. Doesn't matter to us! 
Come and see Azeroth through the eyes of a beginner. I mean, through the eyes of a gold making beginner. You've got no heirlooms, no main character with huge amounts of gold,  no guild perks (not yet) ... but you've got your clever mind. Take advantage of that!

A special project: Which guild can faster earn 1 mio. gold?

Yes, we want to start a little competition between the US and EU PW:Guilds!

Every player is invited to put as much gold as you want to our guild banks, wheter you're questing, trading, ... every helping hand is welcome :)
Please keep in mind that this competition is just for fun, don't take it too serious, I don't want any confliction between US and EU.

Power Word: Guild forums

Every member of the US or EU PW:Guild have exclusive access to the official and brand new PW:Guild forums!

Get to known better to our guild members, read great beginner strategies, talk about the latest stuff which sells good on our AH, chat about WoW in general or off topic ...

Follow this guide to get activated!

Do you want to be a part of such great projects? Come to Lightbringer-US or Draenor-EU to be a part of making history in the gold making-scene!


Alberthus, officer of EU PW:Guild: @Alberthus99999
Soco, officer of EU PW:Guild: @SocoWow
Melinya, officer of EU PW:Guild: @Goblin_Aspect
Daimyou, officer of EU PW:Guild: @Daimyoh
Goldbrunnen, guild master of EU PW:Guild: @MeinGoldbrunnen

    Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

    World of Warcraft 2011

    2011 was a quite good year for me in WOW. Time for me to write my first review...

    What were you most excited about in the past year?

    A really great part is the fact that I'm going to make a dream come true: to have every class at maxlvl before the new expansion comes out. In Classic and BC, there was only my druid, which is still my main character. I never played an alt, except my dwarf paladin, he hit lvl 33 after 2 days of leveling, three days before the 2nd expansion came out.
    Everything started in the middle era of WotLK. My second lvl80-character was my Death Knight, I guess. I loved to tank with her in frost specc... Then followed my paladin. Before I tell you the whole story about every toon: in WotLK, there hit seven characters maxlvl. Druid, paladin, DK, Warrior, Priest, Hunter on my main realm and my shaman on a pvp one.
    Since Cataclysm I am a real Altoholic. Raiding is boring to me since I killed my favourite WOW character as a realm first: Arthas <3 and so I created toons on so many realms... I also activated my second account, so I can have 10 Alliance and 10 Horde characters on my realm. (I can camp both AHs too :P)
    Right now I have almost nine characters at 85 and I'm going to have every class at maxlvl before MoP's coming out. Some classes twice.

    Also to sink into the World of pvp was really great this year.

    Another great thing I have to mention is my new Guild I found this year. My old One was really successful in raiding (best on realm), but they failed so hard in being polite, friendly or helpful. Beside all that "fame", it was the worst and hardest time for me in WOW. These people in my new Guild are so different. They can't play, they have no clue about their classes and need 83746281944772 wipes to learn a boss but hey - they are f*cking awesome! I never had so much fun, they're so nice, I guess I'll never leave this Guild. Thank you so much.

    What was the best thing you bought?

    I'm a mean person, I didn't buy anything, haha. :(

    What would you like to have in 2012 that you lacked in 2011?

    Did I miss something in 2011? ... To be honest, I hope 2012 will be as good as 2011.
    I did so many different things... Making gold, leveling, achievements, raids, battlegrounds... I would not say that I missed something...

    What was your biggest achievement of the year?

    Mmmmh, I think there's none achievement I'm REALLY happy about it with my main character, but I totally freaked out when I got some little bit more complicated pvp achievements with my warlock.

    What was your biggest failure?

    To get one-hitted by a rouge when I was at 19/20 killing blows achievement...

    What do you wish you'd done less of?

    Camping in front of the auction house. I'm addicted to new ideas, strategies, undercut-war, this stuff brings so much fun, I often have problems to log off. (AH is always the first and the last thing I do when playing WoW)

    What did you do in the World of Warcraft in 2011 that you'd never done before?

    Rated battlegrounds! This is one of the best things which came along with Cataclysm. I always rather played random battlegrounds than doing big steps in the arena. (Arena = boring) And that I'm now able to gain conquest points by rated battlegrounds is so great!

    I also tested new talent specs, f.e. feral cat, shadow priest or arms and had a lot fun with that.

    What was your favorite new place that you visited?

    Mhhhh I discovered no "new place".

    What was your favorite WoW blog or podcast?

    It wouldn't be fair to pick a favourite blog/podcast. Every blogger has is own strategies and experience, there is no false / right handling in WOW because everything is possible.

    Tell us a valuable WoW lesson you learned in 2011.

    Do it your way and trust no one. No matter what other people say, you're doing it right. I met so many people who grant you N O T H I N G. I had to comment every sh*t, but when I was excited about something, there was only jealousy and sneer. To disengage from those people was my little challenge this year. It's sad that I can't talk about my successes (just to SHARE them, not to show off), because I would only hear " okay.. but that's not perfect / right". Especially in this gold making-scene, there's so much jealousy. What some people reached in a year and more took me three months and you want to tell me that I'm doing it wrong?
    No, I do it my way.

    So 2011 was a really good year for me in WOW and real life and I hope 2012 will be as good (better would be okay too :P).
    I wish everybody a happy new year, keep well and fit and may all your wishes come true.