Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Being lazy while saving another world

Hey guys,

I know, I am soooo lazy these days. I have so many things to do: doing RBGs with my discipline priest, doing random BGs with my warlock, leveling a priest on horde side, trading, hunting achievements with my main character, being a girlfriend, doing housework AND I have to save Skyrim. ;)

The other parts will defenitely come, because this "strategy" works very well for me (also on different realms), and it's a really nice and easy income.

So I just wanted to say sorry, there are much better bloggers than me out there anyway ;) but: don't forget the Winterspring Cubs. Everyone was busy with Love is in the Air and the Elder event so I was the only one who sold them. 900 g - 1200 g/Cub and I sell many Cubs every day.

And just a personal note at the end of my post:
If you like roleplay games (And I think you do when playing WOW), you should play Skyrim, really! Graphics are great, the whole world is living (no boring respawn, dead is dead), the profession system is interesting and great, the atmosphere is like OH MY GOD and the music.... everything about this game is epic, really.
Normally I never say "this is so epic!", because everyone says that soooo often and when everything is epic, nothing is epic for me. (Like epic itmes in WOW, there are so many, they're not really epic ;)) but Skyrim IS epic! I'm totally addicted to it.

You go out, fighting against huge trolls, wolves, bandits.... you fight against f*cking DRAGONS and then you come home. You're broken, hurt, lost your companion because he saved your life and then you enter your peaceful home city, listening to this music:

Gotta go. Skyrim needs me.


  1. I have it, for a few months now, but still wow sucked me in, and it takes all my time.
    But I really, really , really, REALLY, have to give it a try.
    Dam you wow for taking all my time. =)

  2. Haha, I know exactly what you mean.

    Skyrim & Heavy Rain (PS3) are the best games I bought in the last years!

  3. To no to mention, Deux HR, Shogun TW 2 , Batman Arkan asylum, Bastion and so many other =)