Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

Preparing for Mists of Pandaria

Hey guys,

I'm really not a blogger I guess you recognized that fact already. I can't tell something "new" and my "special ways of gold making" are just a small income so it doesn't make sense to write something about this (?)

If I can't write guides, I'll write what I'm doing right now instead.

>>Preparing for MoP<<

This means to me:

- I craft at least 3 stacks of each glyph
- I buy/collect as many herbs/ore/leather/enchanting mats/cloths/etc. as I can

Is there another thing I could do for a new expansion? It will be the first time that I focus the AH instead of leveling etc. And I guess my guild bank won't be enough.


Yesterday I was really addicted to the AH again..... I hate it :( it's like.. an inebriation? I can't stop. They buy my stuff (ka-ching!) and I always have to check for undercuts and if there's enough stuff and so on...  I can't log off or onto another character.

Being addicted is so stressful to me. Of course, I earn thousands of gold, but I'm not happy with that. When I log off I always think "oh nooooooooooooooooooooo, what if I get undercut?" "oh nooooooo, what if I miss cheap materials?" I can't chill. And at the end of the day I ask myself "what the hell have I been doing all this time?" ... argh.

Gold does NOT make happy! :P


  1. I agree with gold addict part. I'm sort of too, thats just stupid, lol

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