Samstag, 3. September 2011

All we need is PvP

Hey guys,

you may have recognized yet that I'm quite inactive in blogging at the moment. It's because I'm leveling my Warlock (LVL 73 atm) by battlegrounds. I raid three times a week and I spend every other second in PvP. It makes a lot of fun, there's just no time for camping the AH.

Also: I recognized that this blog scene is very elitist. People react like they would think they're something better, and this is really poor. It's okay for me, I don't care.

I have an elemental shaman on a pvp realm (LVL 81), looking for leveling alliance players in Hyjal all the time but there's NO ONE leveling. Can't understand that. It's very boring with him. My shaman was my first character I really did a lot of PvP (in Wrath of the Lich King).

In Cataclysm I play my discipline priest in battlegrounds and arena, and now I also level my Warlock only by BGs. I spend a lot of time and gold in perfecting her: (enchanting mats are really expensive atm)

I need more time, I wish I could play PvP with every character :P trying to equip my troll hunter, too. It's important not to get in rage because of bad BGs oder stupid players (this was my problem when I played my shaman. I got angry all the time *lol*)

So that's what I'm doing right now. Thanks to everybody who supported me.

This is not a "I quit gold making!!" post, let's say I have a break :)