About me


I'm twenty-one years old, living in Germany and my aim is to hit the Gold Cap in "World of Warcraft".

 I play since Vanilla and made experiences in almost every aspect of the game. I was a noob in Classic, started raiding in BC and was very very successful as a hardcore raider in Wrath of the Lich King. I also played my elemental shaman for PvP very often in this expansion. In Cataclysm I changed into an Altoholic, who wants to reach the gold cap.

I won't call my characters' names or my main realm, no need for more competitors :P

BUT you can find me on EU-Draenor (Horde side) with my characters "Goldbrunnen" and "Bettydavis".
Feel free to contact me when you're around.

This blog is the English version of my German gold blog "Mein Goldbrunnen"
You can find me also on twitter: @MeinGoldbrunnen (English)

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Hope you're enjoying my blog, bye bye