Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

How to take advantage of low lvl-PvP for Traders even when you're not interested in PvP

(and also a little guide how to pwn in low lvl PvP!)

Heya out there,

I will write a few posts about my favourite thing to do ingame (beside trading, ofc): Player versus Player.
You know, I really got into PvP when I did some battlegrounds between LVL 60 and 70 with my warlock, they were so great that I decided to level only by battlegrounds. (So I made no quest or instances from 70 to 85)
It was such a great experience that I had a new idea: leveling a character ONLY by battlegrounds, from LVL 10 to LVL 85.

I'm going to write something between a low lvl pvp guide, f.e. with BiS gear, and a guide for traders, how they can take advantage of that (especially traders on PvP realms). Because there are so many things to mention I'm going to write this guide in parts:

Bracket 10 - 14 & 15 - 19

  • Part I: Jewelcrafting
  • Part II: Leatherworking
  • Part III: Tailoring
  • Part IV: Blacksmithing
  • Part V: Enchanting
  • Part VI: Alchemy
  • Part VII: Inscription
  • Part VIII: Miscellaneous

How to use these 'guides'

As a hardcore PvP-Junky it's really hard for me to part those two topics, sometimes I catch myself at writing more about the PvP thing than about how to make gold. Sorry for that, I'll try to focus.
Nevertheless, you can use this guide for gold making AND for your PvP toon!
I hope you're looking forward to my new blog posts, maybe I can inspire you for PvP! :)

See you on EU-Draenor or twitter!

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