Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Power Word: Guild on EU-Draenor Horde!

It's done! We all know that Flux of PW:G created a guild on US-Lightbringer for all US traders, bloggers and readers to chat about the latest gold making ideas, hints, tips and strategies.

Now we EU players have our own official <Power Word: Guild> too! On EU-Draenor, Horde side.
And I'm proud to announce that I am the guild master, but I had (and have) great support! Thanks to: Alberthus, Goblin_Aspect, SocoWow, Daimyoh, Epidermuss and KarlBingham

First we started on a very high populated server with waiting queues - unacceptable for you! 
So Albert, Daimyoh, Epi and Karl had the task to create this guild again - on another server. Now we call Draenor (Horde side) our home :)

We're leveling and chatting about our stuff we can sale, having fun, it's a really great atmosphere!

Come and join our guild! (You're playing on a US account? Click here)

  • Create a toon on EU-Draenor Horde side.
  • Whisper to Goldbrunnen, Alberthus, Milenya, Daimyou or Soco for an invite.
  • Have fun!
    •  Feel free to level your character if no one of us is online.
    • You can check our twitter pages; maybe we're fighting in the AH wars on our main servers.

We offer you a place to chat about gold making, wether if you're a beginner or not. Doesn't matter to us! 
Come and see Azeroth through the eyes of a beginner. I mean, through the eyes of a gold making beginner. You've got no heirlooms, no main character with huge amounts of gold,  no guild perks (not yet) ... but you've got your clever mind. Take advantage of that!

A special project: Which guild can faster earn 1 mio. gold?

Yes, we want to start a little competition between the US and EU PW:Guilds!

Every player is invited to put as much gold as you want to our guild banks, wheter you're questing, trading, ... every helping hand is welcome :)
Please keep in mind that this competition is just for fun, don't take it too serious, I don't want any confliction between US and EU.

Power Word: Guild forums

Every member of the US or EU PW:Guild have exclusive access to the official and brand new PW:Guild forums!

Get to known better to our guild members, read great beginner strategies, talk about the latest stuff which sells good on our AH, chat about WoW in general or off topic ...

Follow this guide to get activated!

Do you want to be a part of such great projects? Come to Lightbringer-US or Draenor-EU to be a part of making history in the gold making-scene!


Alberthus, officer of EU PW:Guild: @Alberthus99999
Soco, officer of EU PW:Guild: @SocoWow
Melinya, officer of EU PW:Guild: @Goblin_Aspect
Daimyou, officer of EU PW:Guild: @Daimyoh
Goldbrunnen, guild master of EU PW:Guild: @MeinGoldbrunnen


    1. Dope. Fresh.
      And of course, nice pos!. It's a privilege to be a part of something like this. I'll add more toons to the guild once I get back home.
      "It's all about the server". -Jokinee

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