Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Time flies when You're having Fun

Hello AH-Addicts!

I guess I'm back :P had a lot of RL troubles, ingame problems (f.e. I got hacked!!!) but now I started making gold again, but it won't be the big thing as before...... the last time I spent every second in front of the Auction House, that's not what I plan to do right now. Just beside the normal WOW Stuff a little bit gold making...

You lose a lot of "market shares" when you get inactive, but that's okay and I think it won't take long to be back at the top. I'm going to concentrate myself on my main realm and the alliance side. Horde side is just for fun, there's one very good AH camper, it's not easy to beat him when you always play the other side.

My to-do-list:
- getting my shaman to LVL 85 and equipping him
- equipping my paladin
- PvP with priest and warlock
- making gold

I hit my first personal cap without camping the AH in the last months and that's very cool. It motivates me to get more gold :)

Thanks for keep following!


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